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Thursday, January 21, 2010



Here is a chance to grab one of the most beautiful 19th century french antique striking mantle clocks.

Tic Toc, you wonder as I usually blog about carriage clocks, but here is a true beauty of an antique mantel clock.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1870 Rare Italian Antique Carriage Clock Available!

ANTIQUE BRASS REPEATING CARRIAGE CLOCK, FLORENCE, 1870. Repeating the hours and quarters hours. The Florentine fleur-de-lis on the back. Octagonal shape, size 14.5 cm with the ring, 10 cm wide.

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Lovely Antique French Brass Carriage Clock For Sale-


This beautiful antique carriage clock claims to be in excellent condition and working order. It has a time and strike movement which is stamped made in France. This clock measures about 6 inches tall from base to top of handle, and 3 inches wide. The brass has some tarnishing but looks great otherwise. This is quite an attractive piece with glass on all sides and the top.

Shipping discounts always offered on multiple wins! Shipping prices include insurance.

Tiffany Antique Carriage Clock With Repeater Moonphase Calendar

Tiffany Antique Carriage Clock With Repeater Moonphase Calendar

This is an exquisite piece, which will become the eye-catching item in every collection, every house, every specialized store or anywhere it’s placed.

This Complex Corniche Grande Gorge 8 Day Strike moonphase carriage clock features the finest Matthew Norman Swiss movement. A beautiful, limited edition hand crafted carriage clock in the Corniche style, The face, displaying classic roman numeral chapters finished with outer minute marks and Breguet period hands, is signed Tiffany & Co. The back of the movement is signed: “11 eleven jewels, unadjusted, swiss made, movement, Switzerland 1751/81”. This masterpiece features rare luxury five complication Swiss strike, repeater 8 day strike movement by Mathew Norman, with alarm, day of the week, day, date and moonphase in a solid brass case. Matching custom key is included. Dimensions: 3.75" x 5.75" x 3.5" (9.9cm x 14.5cm x 8.7cm). 40 micron gold plated.

Its Limited Edition – 1751.81

The clock is in excellent condition. You’ll find no dents, absolutely no damages or scratches. In one word - it’s perfect.

If you have any additional questions the seller says feel free to contact him. This marvelous clock was sold 3 years ago at an auction for $20000.

His price is much lower than that. And for a beautiful item like this I would say it’s more than worth it.
The seller will eagerly ship this item anywhere within the US for the indicated shipping price and will make sure it’s professionally packaged, so that you get it as described. For international shipping rates please contact him before purchasing. Payments accepted via Paypal only.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seth Thomas Antique Carriage Clock

Lovely example of a  Seth Thomas carriage clock.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A New Look At Antique Carriage Clocks

Antique Clocks
By []Margaret Mauldin

Antique collecting is the assembling of items of aesthetic, historical or monetary values from earlier eras.

How old does an antique have to be to be considered an antique?

Legally and traditionally, an antique is usually defined as an object over 100 years old.
During the 20th century, clocks as well as many other objects became desirable collector items of the past.  With the growth of interest in antique clocks, an expertise in historical styles, construction styles and methods for the care and identification of clocks, as well as other objects has developed.  Although some exceptions exist, the two basic types of grandfather clocks are 8 day and 30 hour clocks.  In collecting antique grandfather clocks, the 8 day is the more elaborate of the two types.

Have clocks become family heirlooms?

Emotional factors, such as belonging to a family member or if the clock can be proven to have belonged to a celebrity or someone of historical importance, it may make the clock more desirable.  Clocks hold their intrinsic value as it is passed along by family members.  Touch the smooth fine wood of the clock, listen to the melodious chimes or sounds it makes. The d├ęcor of a home is complete when adorned with a fine gift of time, a clock.   Clocks are sold in all budgets from modest pieces with little decoration to clocks with moving parts and works of art that can occupy an entire wall or table.

Why do they last so long?

With proper care and maintenance, a clock can keep perfect time for many years.
How well do antique clocks hold their value?

A clockmaker guide can help identify the maker of a clock.  The signature on the clock can help indicate when the clock was made.  The physical appearance of a mantle clock, grandfather clock, cuckoo clock, or wall clock, is an important factor in estimating the value of a clock.  Clocks that have the original elements, which have never been restored and are clean clocks, have a greater value than those in poor condition or have been altered.  A clock with the makers label or signature intact, and a clock with its original glass and decorative elements can all increase the value of a clock.  The value of the clock can often be determined using the above guides along with a clockmaker guide.  To determine when a clock was made might prove to be a difficult task.  Some have a signature located on the movement of the clock dial.  Relying on the signature however may be deceiving.  Sometimes the signature is the name of the distributor rather than the clockmaker.  Sometimes signatures are added to give an appearance of age and value.  A clockmaker guide can help identify the maker of a clock.  The signature on the clock can help indicate when the clock was made.     For more visit

Wikipedia  online

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Miniature Art Nouveau British Sterling Carriage Clock

One of my favorite types of antique carriage clocks has to be the

Miniature Art Nouveau British Sterling Carriage Clock.

"If the sound of silence is golden then the sound of the miniature Art Nouveau British Sterling Carriage Clock is platinum"

What I love about this small antique carriage clock is unique size and dimensions combines subtlety and beauty in one. At just over 4" high the miniature Art Nouveau British Sterling Carriage Clock can nestle hidden in your home only for you to enjoy its presence. The beautiful and delicate ornate artwork and engravings and detailed face makes it a superb purchase for any keen collector or suitable for starting out a collection.

Locating this type of antique carriage clock can be quite hard, however a perfectly functional working example would be truly magnificent to hold and even more so to own.

A nice clock newly listed here appears a lovely choice. The sellers score is almost perfect and at its value keeps you nice within paypals buyers protection scheme.

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